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about:mozilla: Firefox update, Paper toys, Heatmap study and more…

about:mozilla is a weekly round-up of news and contribution opportunities. Here’s what’s happening this week.

Browse the Web Faster and Easier
A new version of Firefox is available in more than 85 languages, and it comes with new features. Our favorite one is the New Tab page, which shows customizable thumbnails of your most frequently visited sites every time you open a new tab. The Home Page has also been redesigned to give you easy access to certain features by using one-click shortcuts. Check out more about the release and don’t forget to update.

Firefox Paper toys

Did you ever wish to adopt a little Firefox and have it sitting around on your desk? If so, we have great news for you. Viking Karwur, the community manager of Mozilla Indonesia, turned the Firefox mascot into five cute paper toys you can download and build together. Grab your scissors and glue and download a template from the paper toy website on the Mozilla wiki to get started.

Announcing the April Dev Derby winners
Last month, over twenty awesome HTML5 audio demos were shared in the April Dev Derby competition, and the judges have decided on three winners. The Buzz HTML5 audio demo, a small game, is on the first place, followed by a Read-Along demo and an API for good-looking visualizations. If you are a developer, feel free to get inspired and get a head start on a future derby where you can show what you can do without JavaScript or with the Camera API.

Firefox Heatmap Study 2012
As you may have heard, Firefox will get a redesign pretty soon. For that, we needed to know how frequently users interact with various elements in the interface. The study, which lasted for one week, resulted in some valuable information. The User Experience team put it into heat maps which answers some questions that are needed for the redesign. Check out the heatmaps in this blog post.

Responsive Mode and Layout View in Firefox 15
Although Firefox 13 has only been released today, Paul Roget is already working on two features that will be available in Firefox 15. Thanks to him, developers can see what their websites look like on mobiles or tablets by simply resizing the window in the responsive mode. Additionally, the layout view lets them visualize the size of an element in the inspector. You can even watch a video of it in his latest blog post.

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Jared Wein, Peter La, Sarah Brubeck, Nikos Roussos and Élisabeth Laude. Read more about how these people are contributing to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* June 6, Mountain View Creating Successful Add-ons
* June 8, Charlotte, NC SouthEast Linux Fest and Open Database Camp
* June 9, Taipei, Taiwan PyCon Taiwan 2012
* June 11, Paris, France Orange Partner Days
* June 11, Zagreb, Croatia FFWD.PRO
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

About about:mozilla
The newsletter is written by Mozilla’s contributor engagement team and is published every Tuesday. For more on what has been happening this week also checkout the Mozilla Project Meeting. If you have anything you would like to include in our next issue,
please contact: about-mozilla[at]mozilla[dot]com or send us a status message on mozilla.status.net or a tweet @aboutmozilla. You can also subscribe to the email version.

Have a good week folks and keep rocking the Web!

from Planet Mozilla http://blog.mozilla.org/about_mozilla/2012/06/05/firefox-update-paper-toys-heatmap-study-and-more/

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