Photography in Action : Performing Arts


With so much of photography being focused on still life imagery, and using said imagery to evoke emotion, we wanted to shift gears. Turning our focus instead on some of the awesome captures of photography in action. Those perfect pics that freeze a moment, stealing it from its momentum and forward drive, while still carrying so much of that action and energy with it. Welcome to Photography in Action: Performing Arts.

Below is a showcase of some very inspiring photographs by some talented artists who trained their eye on the performing arts to steal moments from. So much life bursting forth from each one that it is hard to not feel their push as you browse through them. Take a look and get inspired.

The Arts in Action

Burn the sky by bast-86

red lights by idiot-drug-hive

In Motion 20’58 by astrsk

Colour of Culture by pace067

Untitled by Thoum

Tango by sedats

7685 by celil

c h o r e f t r i a by tavernofmedusa

UID 445 by eelmikashigaru

Fringed by king-dither

Playing With Fire by dmack

Ciriaco by Padx

Curtidores de Hongos by Mauricioluis

Tippy-Toes by Massayume15

UID 927 by eelmikashigaru

one hundred and fifty four by potato-juice

Window Lit Stretch by HowNowVihao

dancing angel 1 by guitar-hero90

mirror dance by nowaryesblack

Two Dancers by HowNowVihao

Concepts 20’21 by astrsk

Circus Klezmer by PtiteCocci

Nutcracers Ballet Show 12 by solak11

Angels don’t play harps by Obsidian-Fox

To Jocelyn by bittersweetvenom

Event Horizon by Doomsday-Dawn

Ladder by HowNowVihao

Bulresque by lemures-ex

Walking in the air by hipster7

carnival 03 by enomis

Belly Dancer 3 by Dislexik2501

Bruise Violet Fan Dance by photoswithattitude

Misty Venice by p11oto

How Many by the-chipmeister

paramore by the-feel-good-drag

h a r e m by nowaryesblack

Passe la Balle IX by Thoum

728 by lenagn

Dobro by strugg13

Levi Ben Baruch by guyprives

okissi 3 by khurafati

Playing Hard by TimberClipse


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